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About A&R Supply, LLC.

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Who is A & R Supply?

At A & R Supply, LLC we offer the best service in the distribution of heating equipment and air conditioning parts. We work for contractors of refrigeration and air conditionings, service engineers, corporate buildings, institutions, and government agencies. Our products allow you to give your customers the best service and products. Our distribution center is well organized and efficient when it comes to getting you what you need on time.

When your customers are happy, you are happy, and when you are happy, so are we. We make sure that we keep air conditioning supply and refrigerator supply on stock so that we always have what you need on hand.  We are always ready for your order and make it quick and painless for you to get in and out. Make us your go to source of supplies so you will never be without products.

At A & R Supply, we know the importance of quality customer service and top-notch products.  As a top heating and cooling supply store we strive to give our customers the very best. When you are looking for an affordable company dedicated to quality service, you do not have to look any further. We offer a wide range of products in the HVAC supply industry. Our products are all energy efficient to make sure you save money while using the least amount of energy. In order to see everything we have to offer you can give us a call today. We take orders through our website, email, and you can also fax it to us.

Our Main Goal

To strive for a higher, unique and exceptional customer satisfaction.

A place where you the customer can come in and feel special. At the same time feel at absolute ease that you will be served to the best of our abilities.

Perhaps one day to become your preferred choice for your Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Supply needs.

I hope you as a customer can join us and allow us to make our goal a reality.

Our Goal…  Your Satisfaction


Does A&R Supply warranty used and new refrigeration and air conditioning equipment?
Yes, we offer a warranty on all of our equipment used or new. Our refrigeration and ac supplies team will ensure that any used equipment is of the best quality.
Does A&R Supply do any installation of equipment?
Does A&R Supply do any installation of equipment?
No, A&R Supply is strictly a company that sells air conditioning and refrigeration supplies. We do not do any installation. We would be happy to recommend some amazing contracting and installation companies in the area.
Do you have the same equipment in stock at your Kendall and Doral locations?
We keep the same amount of stock at each location, because we want you to be able to stop in at either location. Our main priority is trying to keep stocked so you never have to wait. If we are running low on something our managers make sure it is reordered immediately.
Can you do special orders?
We can order equipment we don’t have or a special part if you just request it from us. Trying to accommodate you anyway we can is our goal, and if we can get something special in for you, we will do it.
Does A&R provide supplies for household repairs?
We do provide supplies for household repairs and the parts that you need. You don’t have to buy in bulk to get merchandise from our store. If you think we have a part you need, come on down.


  • Juan Coloma, The Ice Team Corporation
    It is essential that  for an air conditioning service company business growth that suppliers are available, with the ability to choose from A&R Supply At The Doral or  A&R Supply At Kendall whether we are in North Miami or in Homestead, it is not an option when it come to servicing our clients having to go across town to find whether the supplier have the part or not it is very uncomfortable for the client and us having to leave a job to look for air conditioning parts. But with the assurance and trust that we have on A&R Supply and their ability to ensure product availability, we can with confidence guarantee that we will back the same day to finish the job that we started. For this i would like to thank Rene Moreno,  Alex Hernandez and everyone else that make it possible for our company to grow. Thank you.

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